inspiring blogs, and a lack of inspiration…

if you are “blog-stalking,” a term i am not comfortable with.

i like to think of it as a sunday drive…


if anyone is out perusing pretty things, great ideas, or looking for inspiration.

in case you have missed becky {i highly recommend booking a photo shoot with her!}, amy {check out her adorable home decor/style}, or the rockstar diaries {i love the happy lists.}

i highly recommend driving by.

also, if you are not familiar with nie nie, grab a box of tissues and sit down to read, or shed some tears.

i’m currently in the midst of…
doing homework. completely lacking inspiration on an assignment for my 2d design class.


right this second…
i wish i was wearing this from anthropologie, sitting on a beach in Mexico with my husband and kids, listening to my kids laugh as they play at the beach… that would be nice.

until that happens – how is everyone doing on the no-sugar-life???

I am almost 48 hours in, and I’m feeling gooood. Please send me any low-carb questions if you have any…

14 responses to “inspiring blogs, and a lack of inspiration…”

  1. Oh i Love Diet dr. pepper! Tammy, It totally tastes like the real deal. haha

    I am doing great, I actually lost 3 more pds. woo hoo!
    Could be that I burned like 500+ calories in my Spin class too. {wink wink}

    I Love Inspiring blogs!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I enjoy a “Sunday drive” every once in a while. Especially today….very long stressful day (teenager wrecked the car…total loss). Fun times ahead:) Blogging and “Sunday drives” keeps the therapy bills down!!!

  3. I just want to congratulate anyone who can complete the no sugar diet! That is near impossible for me and like a nightmare! Good luck and maybe one day I will give it a shot!

  4. so fancy all these changes on your blog…we’ll have to share some tips!

    good for you on the diet. i’m too lazy. 😉

  5. I worship that swimsuit. It’s hard finding cute one pieces for all those ‘Moms’ out there like me who aren’t too thrilled to show off their midsection after 3 c-sections!! The ruffles are great for concealing a bulge!
    The sugar thing isn’t working so great with me this time around. I think because I try to live by it most of the time it’s not that big of deal to my body. It just won’t budge. But it’s still a good way to eat so I’ll just keep trying!

  6. have you tried

    both of those are regular stops on my “sunday drives”


  7. i looove that suit. love.

    ugh, the sugar thing. I had jury duty today and was down in beacon hill where EVERYTHING IS CUTE so I maybe sorta had a treat. but i’m back on dinner track and eating salad and grilled chicken. repentance is good.

  8. Jane…you are too cute! I love reading your blog. I can’t believe you are doing so well on your no sugar diet. Can I ask how much weight you have lost so far and how long you’ve been doing it? it sounds tempting, but I really don’t know if I could say no to ALL sugar…I just downed a bunch of Milk Chocolate Toffee Macadamia Nuts…TOTALLY NOT SUGAR FREE 🙂 but I have to tell you that I think you look great as you are so shedding extra lbs doesn’t even seem needed for you! 🙂

  9. Hi Jane! I am one of those “blog stalkers” (don’t like that term too much, either :o))….and I love to read YOUR blog for all those great things you mentioned. I have been doing the no sugar thing since May 1st…and it’s SO hard, but I’ve been losing weight so it’s worth it. I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the Spelt bread you wrote about. I am addicted to it, I think. Today I went to FOUR stores to find it ’cause it was sold out. :o) I have loved reading your great advice on exercising and diets. I honestly think you should write a book…. You have great ideas, and they have worked for ME. I just wanted you to know how much I love your blog. You’re adorable…and your family is just so stinking cute, too. Thank you for making MY day when I read your fun stuff. :o)

  10. I’m thrilled that our new neighborhood has kids and that they are excited about mine coming back for the Summer. It put a huge smile on Savi’s face when I told her. We fly in next Sunday the 24th and will be there till August 18th. We can’t wait!

  11. I’ve missed so much on your blog. I totally love cinco de mayo, the speed museum is my LIFE (that’s boys for you), miss gno :(! Miss you guys! See you in a few months.

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