indoor surfing gone outdoors…

the new “flowrider” is at the lindon city pool.

we went there with good friends a couple days ago,
and the “flowrider” indoor surfing system is now outdoors…
and it’s the summer hotspot!

such a cute swimming pool, it really had something that each of my kids loved.
the flowrider-
becky & sela-
shannon with all the little kiddies – snack time!
these three together are so stinkin’ funny, they just sit and play ring-around-the-rosie, jump off the sides, they love everyone to watch while they go underwater…


sela with livi and hayes at the end of the day…
my kids are having such fun summer-packed days.
they are truly exhausted from playing by bedtime each night.

5 responses to “indoor surfing gone outdoors…”

  1. That place looks so awesome! I really wish that we had something like it here in Vegas…but no, it must not be hot enough 🙂

  2. My oh my! That looks fun! I'm going to definately figure out a time next week for the Lindon Pool. Brook would LOVE this!

  3. Looks like fun! Is the line for flowrider out of control? We'll have to try it when we come home next week!

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