indians & nepthys

myla’s 4th grade class just wrapped up two months of studying indians, with one final “indian day” at school. The day was packed with fun activities. sela and i went to help for a bit, sela loves visiting her siblings at school. it makes her feel like such a big kid.

it was an option for the kids to dress-up as indians, and myla has a cute pocahontas costume, but she opted not to. instead we just braided her hair, and chose a tan-shirt with ugg boots for an indian-inspired look for the day. Myla has always loved dressing up at home, but takes a “that’s not cool” attitude about dressing up at school! even in 1st and 2nd grade she refused to wear her halloween costume to school for the halloween party and would walk around the halloween-parade in her regular school clothes, funny girl.

myla, her friend brinley, and sela~
left: myla & her teacher mrs. richins
right: myla & her fave teacher’s aide brittney


on the very same day, kiana’s 6th grade class had an egyptian funeral procession for the end of their unit on egyptian history.

This was such a BIG deal! wow, i had no idea till i went to watch!

The 6th grade class was able to choose what egyptian they would be depending on their scores from the entire egypt section. Kiana worked so hard and ended tying for the highest overall points with two of her fellow classmates. {The ever-so-coveted character is the mummy.} Because there was a 3-way tie, the teacher then drew their names for what order they could choose and Kiana got to choose second. The loss wasn’t too hard of a blow though because her good friend Eliza was the one who got to go first and chose the mummy…Kiana was excited for her. Kiana chose to be the egyptian goddess “nephthys” and had a lot of fun working on everything for this unit/projects at school.

Kiana made her costume {with help from dusty & i} and owes her papi big time for all the hot glue gun burns he got on his fingers while helping to glue on all those feathers to make her wings! what a good daddy!

Kiana as nepthys, and her 6th grade class lined up for the funeral procession.
{notice the mummy-Eliza in the coffin!}
Kiana with her three besties at school ~ reagan, caroline, eliza, kiana, and sela-bella

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