Independence Day

July 4th – The pinnacle of summer here in Utah, our fourth was spent well. The holiday co-exists with our local Provo Freedom Festival which includes hot air balloon launches every morning for three days, a grand parade – LOTS of people stay up all night to camp out for good viewing spots and that includes most of the teenagers staying out all night, a 5K and 10K race, a carnival, and more…

I mentioned this on instagram, but will repeat myself here: This past spring we started watching home videos from when our older kids were little. We spent weeks watching them and Sela was the most obsessed – seeing what life was like in our family before her… she loved it, and watched them over and over. If you can even imagine – I used to take a LOT more videos than I do now, and after watching these it inspired me to take more videos again – create more. So, I’ve decided that after making videos for most of our trips the past couple of years – I also want to make videos now for holidays, seasons, ANY occasion I hope to remember – simple days at home. If you thought I took a lot of videos before (friends & family) — brace yourselves – you have no idea what you’re in store for now!!! So on the long celberated weekend of July 4th here in Utah county, I took some of my favorite memories and put them tighter to one of my current favorite summer songs. One of my very favorite moments of the weekend was biking to the “candy bombers” last candy bomb here in Orem – if you don’t know the story of the candy bomber – check it out here.

happy independence, America!

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