in my laundry room…

you will find this…

a treasure chest!

currently piled full with dollar toys.
ready to reward kids for doing great things.


to encourage them to do great things.

for example, when a small tribe of kids decide to dump out the lego’s,
then they want to run outside to ride bikes…

these little treasures happily get the lego’s picked up.


when a little tyke is playing at our house,
and is very sad to leave…

these little treasures let them leave tear-free.

you can imagine…

these treasures work magic!

they are totally worth a trip to the dollar store, and a small investment to make less happy situations, very happy.

{i want to share where i purchased this rubbermaid treasure chest, and after much time spent googling i can’t find it anymore! if anyone discovers it, please let me know! i purchased it a few years ago {or more} and sadly, don’t know where it is available now…}

my reader, Mari a.k.a. “littlenutcake” found the treasure box!!! woot. woot.

here, and here.

4 responses to “in my laundry room…”

  1. WHERE did you find that cute chest?
    I need this idea around my house!
    I'm so impressed with your creativity.
    Your kindness.
    Your selfishness in feeding/entertaining other kids not your own.
    I am one who loves having others over, but stresses with messes/chaos/all our popsicles gone/etc.
    You are a great example.
    Been reading for awhile, but wanted to say hey.
    Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration…and you're gorgeous, to boot!
    Happy Mem Day!
    a follower in Seattle…

  2. You have the best ideas. And I always appreciate your willingness to share. You're very sweet.

    Wishing you a happy day.

  3. oh i love this idea! The dollar store rocks, or better yet the cap guns at "wills" work just as good! haha

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