in case you somehow missed the announcement that we are having a yard sale this coming weekend: 6/11/11…

please take note!

THIS weekend:
Saturday, JUNE 11, 2011
we live in a gated community & the gates will open at 9am, so please don’t come early –
it’s causes a LOT of traffic congestion in our little area.

if you would like to come & need our address –
email me: jane{at}prolook{dot}com

sela~bella will be having a lemonade/macaron stand!
she’s pretty excited about this in all her four-year-old-glory.
we started designing her stand this weekend –

one more cardboard box project for us!

and, miss eleven and mr. eight have been on a duct-tape project{s} frenzy…
they will be selling some little goodies, too.

i’ll share more about that later, because really,
it’s a great way to keep your kids occupied during summer vacation: duct tape.

happy monday!

9 responses to “in case you somehow missed the announcement that we are having a yard sale this coming weekend: 6/11/11…”

  1. {jane}
    i almost want to buy a plane ticket for this sole purpose.
    i’m sure you’ll have plenty of visitors.
    you may need two of you:)

  2. WHAT! you changed the weekend yard sale on me! haha

    ok so you know what i want so put those aside for me, and i will come and grab those later… i can send you a text if you need me to remind you, since you are a bit busy! hehehe

  3. Ok, so I am your genius friend/neighbor who just realized I could comment without having my own blog. We will definitely come by for lemonade and a macaron. If you’re selling any dance clothes (that Sela hasn’t already spoken for;)) I would love to buy some for Addison. Let me know if you need any help, I should be around all weekend.

  4. Wish I lived closer so I could come to your yard sale. . . My little girl, Danica, loves to sell lemonade at our yard sales as well. Good luck on Saturday! Hope you sell everything!

  5. Jane,
    i know we dont know each other but i just wanted to say good luck with the move and yard sale, i hope you sell everything!!! i cant remember how i found your blog but i was so glad i did, i loved all of your great ideas, photos and comments. so thank you for sharing all your fabulous ideas to the world and best of luck with everything!! : )

  6. I can’t tell you how badly I wish I could come to your yard sale! We have soccer camp and a parade… Boo. Good luck!

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