“I’m leaving on a jet-plane…”

So, about 9 days ago I decided that after 12-13 years of not having a trip alone, I deserved one! (There are 1,000 reasons why I thought I deserved one that I won’t get into here.) Some of you may find this very random, for those of you who know me, you aren’t surprised. I was given many “raised-eyebrows” looks earlier this week when I mentioned where I was going, alone. The “alone” part has changed. And, miracles happen. I (my husband/hero actually) booked my tickets exactly 48 hours ago, he even used frequent flier miles (that’s the miracle part.) Then my best friend, waved her magic wand and 24 hours ago booked her tickets (also using frequent flier miles), and managed to even get a seat next to me on 5 flights! THEN, another aquaintance tossed in a free voucher for the resort (Thanks again Angie!). So, just past midnight – we’re off – for a week.
I’ll keep you “posted…”
pun intended.Happy Birthday to me!

7 responses to ““I’m leaving on a jet-plane…””

  1. Happy birthday Jane! Have the best time. I’ll stay tuned to see where exactly 5 plane trips will take you 🙂

  2. I know you guys will have a blast! Good luck on the exercising twice daily. We’ll see you when you get back – tanner and stress-free!

  3. Where are you going? I read your whole blog post and you left me hangin! Wherever it is I’m sure it will be fun. Happy happy birthday Jane!!!!

  4. You’ve certainly caught my interest! I can’t wait to see where your adventure takes you. I totally relate to the alone trip. I’ve done it before (on a smaller scale, of course) and it was heaven…during a very busy time of life like you’re in now.

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