this was MOVIE weekend…we also went to see Igor.

It was a wee bit too dark for me,
I’m not sure the kids even caught most of the humor.

Lets say, I was happy when Sela’s attention span was done
because she and I left early and went shopping!

3 responses to “igor”

  1. You Movie-aholic!! I am glad that you are seeing all of these so now i know what is worth watching!

    Did you see my comment about the cute little hair clips? You are seriously one talented mama!

    Oh and i would love to know where you got the Cupcake holders for Sela’s Birthday. They were darling!

  2. We almost went to this for Q’s b-day but I didn’t hear good things about it. Oh well, at least you got to go shop:)

  3. I love it that you guys see so many movies because I can just review them from your blog and see if you thought it was worth it. I think we’ll skip this one. FYI…We saw “Flash of Genius” and it is DeFiNeTlY a RedBox rental, if that.

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