if you missed…

the bijou market or the beehive bazaar or you don’t live near here,
here are a few of the items/vendors that have some of my favorite items!

CHECK OUT THESE CAKES!!! that’s what i’m talking about! miss twelve will for sure have one of these on her next birthday, in fact, i just might plan the entire party around the cake, they’re that amazing. and, i might want one on my birthday, too! {{{please!}}} after reading her website, there is a “Banana Cream White cake layered with fresh cut bananas and vanilla pudding”… i’m drooling.

and, would you look at these flowers. oh. my. oh. my.

any of these would be great last-minute christmas gifts,
if you order soon —

caroline at armelle jewelry is an incredibly talented friend of mine.
i love this necklace, these are one sample of my favorite vintage-inspired earrings to put on my girls…be sure to check out her entire shop!

these beanies are to-die-for!!! i chose this one for myla and the jedi quiet book is so rad.

freshly-picked {so hip it hurts} is always a favorite shop of mine. she has a great post about the beehive bazaar here. the inventory is running a little low right now, i recommend checking back with them when they have pillows… their stripey bags and pillows are to-do-for! in the meantime, check out those baby moccasins!

looking for a super-original bag for that special someone? ‘just be’ is the answer, check this out!

some of my favorite hair accessories are from here, they are currently on vacation BUT make note to check back!!!

i’ve been topping my gifts with these,
{that polaroid is a photo i took of one of my gifts for her shop!}
i love how the origami flowers top-off a gift just perfectly!

happy holiday shopping & wrapping!

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