I was breech, born cesearean on a very snowy Juneau, Alaska day…

AND many of you have heard the story – after I was born cesearean and they stitched my Mom, they were counting sponges and realized they were missing one. Then they unstitched her, found it inside and stitched her again. An extra hour-and-a-half of surgery after I was born. Horrible. I was pretty much: a pain in the butt – from the beginning! So, it’s only appropriate that a winter storm hit last night and we woke up to six inches of snow today!

Thanks girls for a great lunch – friends, food, and gifts – all the best!My family gave me a new phone/techy gadget for my birthday – the Sprint “Touch” phone. I actually got it last night and carried it around WITH the instruction booklet today. Dusty stayed up till 4am prgramming it. Then he called in Jared for a house call for more “programming”…thanks to everyone! I’m sure I’ll spend the next MONTH or more figuring it out. I love the idea of keeping up with the techy times – I can check weather, listen to music, video, email, make a phone call, text, watch TV (my kids are stoked about the Disney Channel available), take a picture and blog on my phone, what better gift, right?!?i love polka-dots, especially red ones!

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  1. OK – someone is getting busted for this! Daph? Susan? Sarah? Where was my invite? The phone looks super sool. Watch tv? Cool feature!

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