i heart polaroids

…when we upgraded sela from her crib/toddler bed,
we used our guest room furniture as her ‘new bedroom set.’

sincere apologies to our future guests.
no longer is there a room, just for you.

however, the good news, the old guest room is now…{drum roll please}
my very own art studio! i’m still in dis-belief. happy dance! happy dance!
i will no longer be painting/designing/artsy-in-general
amongst everyone eating dinner in the kitchen.
{big sigh of relief}

my ‘studio’ is not ready to be unveiled yet,

but the picture above is a sneak peak.
i currently have some of my favorite polaroids on display, as a heart.

love is on my wall!


inspiration here, other polaroid display ideas here and here.

3 responses to “i heart polaroids”

  1. So cute! I love it! Brook and I always arm wrestle over the extra room because he needs a room to do family hair cuts. I need a room for my constant sewing projects. I usually concede because I hate fresh cut hair….sigh…

  2. Jane,
    Hey this is Summer Birchall. I was looking at your amazing blog. You are so talented! Will you be my designer for my new home?? You are so talented! It was so fun seeing you today. We need to get the boys together to play soon. I was showing Mikey how easy it was to get to KJ's house and he was so excited.
    Anyway, love your blog, and can't wait to see pictures of your studio!!

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