i have to brag here…

ok. i feel really blessed all the time to have
amazing and talented friends.

and then, when i’m not expecting it one friend goes and just does something above and beyond all amazing-ness.

well, that was becky this week. first of all, she planned this fabulous photo shoot with my girls, which i told you all about in the post below. then, she also invited another friend-photographer of hers to also come along…so i got double-photographers. {click here} and after seeing all the pictures of my two big girls, i am speechless.

i love. every. picture.

becky & mindy

thank you
thank you
thank you

with all the warmth my heart can muster.

EVERYONE should book photography sessions with both of these women, now!

10 responses to “i have to brag here…”

  1. love, love, love these…
    especially the last one of Kiana!! i love the picture of the shoes, it shows their personalities! so so cute!

  2. Hey Jane, this is completely random, and you don't know me, my name's Lisa Ramey-and I'm friends with Melody Walker's sister Summer and she told me you had tons of jerseys for sale recently and i'm wondering if you have any left??? i'm throwing my son a basketball bday party and wanted to have jerseys for all the ballas!!!?? just let me know!!! Thanks so much! lramey@gmail.com

  3. Very cute photos! the one of Myla from behind reminds me of Mary Poppins! I can't believe how long Sela's hair is getting, it looks so cute. I love your family photo at the purple wedding, lovely.

    I need to bring Max by to meet you guys sometime, I only wish Sela had seen my belly when it was really big. I think she thought I had named my belly button "baby" hah!

  4. PS – tell all those boys at school to back off Myla! She's my future daughter in law! 😉 I love how her personality just shines through, even in photos!

  5. Jane, I had SO much fun with you and your girls… so so glad that Becky let me come along. Hopefully we can hang out again sometime. I've always heard from Becky about what a sweet and totally nice friend you are.

    btw .. you should give out styling tips to everyone. wish all my clients came as put together as you 🙂

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