i have a really bad case of the wants…

for a clear glass refrigerator door.

i have always thought they were just perfect.

i would happily keep the innards of my fridge clean,
so that our food could be on display in such a beautiful-organized way.

one day…

{images via high street market}

what do you think, would you ever want one???


i discovered high street market,

while reading design mom’s “10 design blogs you should be reading” list.

go take a peak!

14 responses to “i have a really bad case of the wants…”

  1. ahhhhh, i love love love a white kitchen! it's so gorgeous.
    not sure we could roll with the glass fridge, maybe when my kids got older! I do love it though.

  2. ooooh, wendy, i think they could be awesome with a variety of decor-looks. i don't think they'll become a throw back too quick, and if so, fifteen years down the road, it'll be a good excuse to re-decorate again! 😉

  3. I personally love and will take all throw backs! I say getcha some glass fridge if it will make you happy. Wouldn't look good in my house… with crayon/fingerprint smudges and all. But Sela is in Pre-school and a big girl now right? 🙂

  4. hi jane,
    loved meeting you at alt! your blog and your designs are lovely and inspiring! as for the glass door fridge, go for it! i just put one in my kitchen after our remodel and already had one at our beach house and couldn't love them more! i have 16 grandkids and haven't had a problem with them at all in regards to little hands.
    keep in touch and look forward to chatting with you again next year at alt!
    love, bev

  5. Ahh!
    I have always wanted one as well! They would be soo super cool… OR a fridge with a chalkboard as the doors! {well you know what they say… GREAT minds think alike!! (:

  6. A beautiful theory, my friend…

    (But I'll be honest… I personally believe that both you and I are way too particular to have it be a practical application during this child-raising phase of life… No matter how patient/diligent we are!)

    But happy dreaming, deary! It is BEA-U-tiful… And soooo you! If it will help, I will envision it in your kitchen every time I come over! 🙂

  7. No Way! You would have to be a very clean, organized, mother of four, who eats healthy and would have cool food, cute enough to display, to have that kind of fridge – oh wait, you are. I could never pull that off. I would picture that in like a very modern, New York/Chicago apartment or flat.

  8. Oh HEAVENS NO! How would I ever be able to keep the half eaten waffles and Tegan's milk he's saving for later? The old chocolate santa someone is taking a hit off of a day at a time…my teeth whitener syringes…

  9. I want one! We're building a new house in 2012… so, maybe I might be able to convince my husband we need one 😉

  10. Daph… you are freaking funny!!

    Baby… can't you do a trade with that company (pic. #2)? Trade a blogger header for a pimp fridge. I'm sure they'll go for that! 🙂 Freak, throw me and one kid in on the deal. Then you have less clean up as well!


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