i had my cake and ate it too

I refused to focus on plans for my birthday all week because I was determined to get signed into the classes I wanted at UVU before anything else took place.

By Thursday afternoon, the task was done. With great luck, I signed into all three classes I was hoping for. Art history to the renaisance, photography, and drawing. In my drawing class there were 10 students that showed up to be signed in! ugh. The professor told us she would put our names in a hat, and draw five names to be added to the class. It was fate. Good karma. I was the first name drawn. woo-hoo! So meant to be. I am already having a love affair with going back to school, it’s great.

On Friday morning, the kids rushed in with presents to wake me up. so cute. I was NOT expecting this beautiful little gadget!This is the Canon FS100 digital camcorder. It’s the cutest smallest thing I have ever seen. This picture makes the color look lighter than it is, but the color is the deep shade of purple and sparkly! Kiana noted she chose the color.

I’ve pretty much resorted to begging for a new video camera the past couple of years. Dusty consistently tells me, “use the video camera on your digital point-n-shoot” and I continue to complain about the quality…


Then I had lunch with ladies whom I totally adore! We ate at my latest favorite Thai place. Suz brought me this cute cute cake, and I was given the cutest gifts.
Dusty showed up to lunch with a second gift. See those shoes? Yeah, those are to die for! They are GOLF shoes that have flower-shaped spikes! oh my my, i had no idea! Now I just need springtime to get here so I can put them to use!

We had unplanned plans to do something with Scott and Suz. About 5pm we finally decided to eat at Sundance and see a movie. By 6pm, Scott and Suz realized they had also made other plans with neighbors and couldn’t make it. I sent Scotty & Suz about 10 texts teasing them for dogging me on my birthday, geesh! hehe.

Dusty and I headed up to Sundance and in the middle of dinner Scott and Suz showed up. {all those guilt-ridden texts sank in} It was such a fun surprise to have them there afterall! We never made it to a movie because dinner and laughter went on way past what we expected. Those ingredients are just about my favorite thing ever. Good food, good friends, and laughing.

I love the atmosphere this time of year at Sundance. So cozy-It was a perfect birthday. This was my first year on facebook, and it was crazy fun to get greetings from so many friends and family. hugs and kisses to everyone who sent a message or took time to celebrate with me.

Getting older has never really bothered me, yet. I just hate how fast time is passing. I feel like months go by like weeks, weeks pass like minutes and it’s just not fair. I absolutely love the stage of life we are in.

Life is remarkably beautiful.

10 responses to “i had my cake and ate it too

  1. Um…no wonder you couldn’t make it to dinner with us. I’m glad you had such a great day! Happy Birthday to YOU!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jane! I’ve sort of been reading your blog since your awesome transformer costume was featured on Nicole’s, “A Little Sussy. I think you are living my dream life and I’m constantly inspired by your audacious attitude and your adorable family. All the best in 2009!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Jane!! It sounds like a wonderful one! Congrats on getting all of the classes you wanted-that is awesome!

  4. What a perfect birthday! I LOVE the camcorder, love the cake, love the shoes (I will TOTALLY golf with you in the spring), love the friends and family.
    Can I just say that I am so impressed that you are back in school?! Way to go!
    Oh and I have a little present for you from Hawaii but it will have to wait a couple more weeks!

  5. LOVE the video Camera! So cute!
    It sounds like you had the perfect birthday, i love Sundance this time of year too, sooooo Cozy!

  6. Happy Birthday Jane! Was that Bangkok Grill? One of our faves too. I didn’t know you golf. Abe has taken me several times and it is so fun although I am far too competitive and get frustrated. Let’s get out there when the weather gets warmer:)

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