i don’t think i’ve ever…

had more fun with a disposable camera.

while in vegas, kiana and i spotted these at u.o.
we stocked up on a few for vday, her birthday, and daily life.

3 responses to “i don’t think i’ve ever…”

  1. did you get that at Urban Outfitters?? I bought one for my sister at christmas and then left it at home…it's sitting on my nightstand and it just might have to go in the suitcase for Hawaii.

  2. hooolllly moly. Can I please be in your book club? Would it be awkward if I ate the food? Seriously it looked amazing.

    And those disposable cameras look rad, definitely looking into those, I cant remember I used a camera not digital…weird.

    Thanks for you sweet comments, you are so great.

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