i can’t talk now i’m getting ready for the {utah} blogger meet ‘n greet

i hit the ground running in utah! i am running my kiddos around to play dates + visiting their old schools to crash lunches, recesses,  and surprise their friends!  and, i’m scurrying to put together the best-first-ever-utah-blogger-meet-n-greet!  it’s tonight!  if you haven’t already, check out the new site + grab a button on my sidebar to share the news on your blog!

your wednesday evening plans should include this:

remember: i am giving door prizes to the first 50 guests at 6:30pm! xoxo

4 responses to “i can’t talk now i’m getting ready for the {utah} blogger meet ‘n greet

  1. I just found your site and I am dying over it! I have been enjoying looking at all your old posts and inspiration. I wish I could come tonight but I have to work. Darn it! Maybe next time?

  2. Wow, Jane! The meet ‘n greet was a massive success! I came to say hi and caught a glimpse of you and then literally lost you in the crowd. I thought we were short on time, but it turns out Eliza went out to dinner with Kiana et al., and I should have stayed. Ah, well. We had fun anyway. Emme kept wanting to get on the news, very exciting. I just wanted to say hi–so here’s my hi! 🙂

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