i am happily married…

to a home run hitter.

that’s right.

my baby hit it out of the park tonight at his softball game.

his first one, ever.

his buddy casey said, “Hey Ump… are you sure that didn’t roll under the fence?

he was being pretty humble about the entire spectacular-ness and his other buddy Sam said, “dude, I’d be texting all my buddies and telling them!”

hehe. no texts were sent.

instead, his wifey is blogging about it!

love my big papi.

i am so proud.

6 responses to “i am happily married…”

  1. (First ever?… hard to believe 🙂
    We are sooooo proud of you DUSTY!! Whoo- hoo!!! … pay no attention to the evil step-brothers.

  2. Oh, P.S. Thank you SO much for the care packages – it made my boys day! They were so excited and have been asking to call you guys ever since to thank you. Yesterday we spoke to Kevin in womens shoes in Nordstrom when we called. HeeHee….he said to tell you your phone is with customer service. 🙂

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