i am fiddling around with my creative suite while i have the extra time this summer….

and i LOOOOOVE when i get a project to work on!

as you have witnessed, i have been tweaking my blog a LOT lately. i am obsessed with designing headers/banners/buttons. i recently designed a new custom look for my friend shannon’s blog. it’s great practice for me, since i am a graphic design-art student. and i thoroughly enjoy the design process. if you are interested in having a new custom blog header, i’m hiring out. rates are very reasonable. i’m a couple weeks out on time.

leave a comment, or send me an email if you’re interested.

i can give your blog a new layout too, do you want 3 columns instead of 2? wider columns? let me know!

happy blogging!!!

5 responses to “i am fiddling around with my creative suite while i have the extra time this summer….”

  1. ok sorry, left a comment on the wrong post. Let me know your rates. I'm interested in a cute header. I don't want 3 columns but I love the width of 3 columns so I have have bigger pictures. LMK

  2. Ok, my name is Jessie and I LOVE your blog! I promise I'm not obsessive, you just inspire me in every way. From being a mother, going to school, all your parties, pictures, your creativity, everything! I check up on you regularly just so I have that inspiration daily. Pretty crazy I know.

    Anyway, it's so funny that you want to help design blogs, because just yesterday I was showing my sister your blog, and telling her how I wanted my posts and pictures bigger, with not as much side columns. Make sense?

    I'd love for you to help me out. My blog is private so here is my email, LTS_28@yahoo.com.

    Thanks for all your inspiration 🙂
    You're so cute!

    Jessie Spiers

  3. oh and i should mention that "I LOVE MY BLOG" you are so talented and did mine just perfect!
    Thank you so much…


  4. Jane, I have been a FAN of your blog, I work for Provo City and each one of my co-workers, read your blog, is funny cause we just tell each other everytime that is something new on your blog. 🙂 you are an inspiration for a lot of women out there,LOVE IT. Send me some prices please, I would love you can design my blog too. Jessy

  5. Jane,

    I tried to email you about some pricing but the email got sent back to me. I am looking for a few different things- so send me an email so I can let you know what I was wanting to do.


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