hot summer nights

we managed to have three volleyball nights this week.


love summer.
love friends.
love good food.
love volleyball.

life is good.

tonight was adults-only; no kids. except my little sickies of course 😉

first big story of the night?

Gordy SAVED me when i was trying to get my grill lit, he came over to help and just about six inches in front of me as i was right over his shoulder, we had a HUGE gas – fire flame! i’m saying, HUGE! Gordy singed his hair. eyebrows. eyelashes. and gotee. yep, he saved me! the picture below does not do justice to how singed he was…our beautiful food spread-grandma pat/daphne/troy/matt/rob/teresa…me and spicy~highlights of the very fun & slightly competetive volleyball games~daph & eva; twinners for the night.
for the record, MY team was the champions tonight and my camera battery died before the end of the night so we didn’t get a team picture! total bummer.

thank you to everyone who came.
we love spending time with you,
we have so much fun.
thank you for bringing all the yummy food.
thank you for being such incredible friends.


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  1. Jane, I'm so glad you're still alive! And Gordy too! 🙂 You guys are definately where the party's at. Brook was way bummed that we missed this one!

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