homemade glitter toes

When we went boating last month with our adorable friend Teresa, she had cute gold glitter toes…

I am totally a fan of glitter toes and as we were chatting she said she just did hers by herself at home! What an awesome idea!

So, Kiana and I went to Wal*Mart a week ago and stocked up on the Martha Stewart glitter collection, and clear nail polish.
Then we tried it out – it’s awesome! Of course, it’s not “gel” so it doesn’t last as long as the real glitter toes. But, you also don’t have to get it drilled off, so it’s less damaging to your nails and it’s incredibly cheap this way!

Yesterday, Kiana had a couple friends over from dance for the day, so they all did homemade glitter toes. The only thing is, I hate cleaning up glitter…it really never goes away. So, I make Kiana use the glitter in the garage or outside. Since it’s been so cold, Dusty set up the space heater for the girls in the garage and they glittered their toes – they were So stinkin’ cute!

what we do:
1-use one coat of clear nail polish
2- pour the glitter over the polish, then use a brush or something to brush away the extra glitter
3-use as many top coats of clear nail polish as you’d like!

cute dancer toes with glitter!

9 responses to “homemade glitter toes”

  1. I love the RED! So cute that dusty set up the Space heater for the girls!

    Lacey actually has been doing it herself too, it is just such a mess!!

    Cute idea for Activity days!

  2. Very cute glitter toes!! But you’re right it is very messy. Martha Stewarts glitter works the best too, because it’s so fine(that’s funny you got the same glitter!)

  3. I did glitter toes on the girls a few months ago and your right it is a lot easier then the gel. They look cute!

  4. How easy and how cute.
    Hi Jane. This is Lynda. I have been coming on your blogspot for quite some time. But I thought I had better quit stalking and identify myself. I love your blogs by the way and I love keeping up with you and Dusty and the kids.

  5. so very very cute! Which feet are Cheyenne’s? I am thinking the feet in the middle. 🙂 I am going to try this.
    I love all the cute clips you guys made. I told Chey that she needs to make some for Chanel!

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