Hobbies with kids.

Do you have hobbies or activities you enjoy doing with your kids? Share the same interests? or, do you struggle to find a common interest with your kiddos? Yesterday at Boston Mama’s, I talked about this topic – visit me there – and tell me what you think! xo.

{photo by me. this is sela, our little yogi doing what she calls her “starfish” pose, ::smiles::}

3 responses to “Hobbies with kids.”

  1. My husband is an avid bug collector and, as a result, has somehow managed to instill that same love into all our kids, especially our 8-y-o. They spend hours hunting on every trip, big or little, with nets and bug jars in hand. Then comes the freezing of the critters and pinning to the collection. It has been so wonderful to see those 2 spend so much time together in their bug hobby. I think my hubby has the corner of the market as far as sharing hobbies goes! (I must start working on that for ME!)

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