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Have you been asking yourself, “what is Hive?” What is the buzz all about??? I’m here to tell you –

Hive is a new technology-driven company that by using their products you can make your home a smart home that everyone wants and anyone can afford. Complete security, automation, and whole home audio experience.

The team behind Hive has been working for years to launch their ideas, and TODAY their kickstarter launched!

It’s very exciting.

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Hive works wherever you live – in a small downtown apartment or a large country manor. It’s designed to completely simplify your connection to your home and protect everyone, and everything, inside it.

The automation allows you to easily control your lights, locks, electronics, appliances and other connected devices from anywhere. (I LOVE these type of options available at my fingertips!!!)

You can have true peace of mind knowing what is happening at your home, even when you are far away. And, you can fill your home with music and entertainment with the revolutionary wireless smart home audio solution and you want this while having more automation options similar to having a time delay relay to better manage home electricity to help it cost the right amount as well.

What I like best about the Hive products is that if you move – they all go with you! Ideal for college students, if you are renting your home, and more!
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How does it work? The white gadget you see that is sleek, and thin – can sit anywhere in your home. A kitchen counter, desk, a coffee table, anywhere! And the black speakers just plug right in to outlets! It’s THAT easy.
If this interests you, and you’d like to invest in the product or help spread the word about Hive, their kickstarter, and the future of home automation –

Click HERE to join the community – code: janerhodes, if you help spread the buzz you get paid!!!

Click HERE to back the kickstarter!

Readers! What do you think? Does the home automation interest you? Hive is based out of Utah, and I can’t wait to see where their future leads. Local love! Home automation is seeing a massive popularity boost of late. You can get systems consisting of smart devices fitted by a professional Crestron Installer.
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Photography by Becky Kimball, styled by me – Jane Rhodes, Hive product images via Hive.

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  1. Sounds like a cool product! I have watched the kickstarter video, and read all about it. I am still just as confused as I was with the first announcement of “The Buzz”. I am tech savvy, so I can’t blame my confusion on that. How does it work? Does it connect to IPhone? What if you don’t have nest? What kind of other products does it connect with? And how?? Haha! My curious mind still wants to know more!!!

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