hit the road, jack…

we have just returned home from a very-quick-road-trippin’-beautiful-weekend.

it involved a lot of smartfood popcorn {my fave snack} + not-so-good ice cream + a really really really great new DECORATE book {here} + lots of drive-thru {bleh.} which, by the way, why on earth is it so challenging to order food for a family of six at a drive-thru? i mean, if we are able to order correctly, then it’s almost impossible to get the order correct. then, sometimes, it takes a fog horn to get the kids’ attention, so they can tell us what they want to order, the person on the other side of that little intercom gets highly frustrated, then the order is still wrong. it’s just short of a miracle if it’s ever done right. like: we order right – they hand us our order right. never happens. it would be the accomplishment of the century i tell ya! pfewww!

we had lots of snuggling-sleeping munchkins + wide open spaces which are perfect for driving practice! Soon we’ll be wondering “how much is traffic school in California“!

vampire diaries + i think we stopped for sela to wee-wee in every single county.


a darling celebratory dinner for a future bride & groom. mandy is a niece of dusty’s that we adore – she lives on the east coast and works as an interior decorator near D.C., so we don’t get a chance to visit with her very often. but, we are so thrilled about her upcoming wedding.

relaxing family time to hike a fave hiking spot + eat crepes + ride ATV’s + play some wiffle ball…

oh. we love nevada. it is one of our very special places. and, after hitting the roads all weekend, i am going to hit my pillow soon and sleep. so. well.

until then, i’m whipping through the laundry, and re-packing for our next week of life.

how was your weekend?

p.s. happy may 1st! it just feels exciting…do you have any plans for this month?

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  1. Jane, I adore your blog. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us! I happened upon your blog as I was searching for some fresh, new ideas for a baby shower. Teaching keeps me pretty busy, however, I have had time to really spend more time reading different posts this past week as I recuperate from foot surgery. You are so blessed in all areas of your life and I thank you again for sharing your talents and terrific family stories with your web friends!
    Rose J. North Carolina

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