hillcrest red sox

we had our last game for coach pitch this morning.
this was a crazy season for dusty, myla, and kj because one, two, or all three of them were rarely at practice or the games together. they’ve been traveling, busy, sick, or something…
when we did manage to get there, i just love saturday mornings at the little baseball park. i especially love our utah mountains in the background.

a few of the highlights…

hillcrest red sox
coach dusty & coach troy, myla is missing from the team picture…

4 responses to “hillcrest red sox”

  1. Oh i love those Jerseys! We still have one from when Boston was on the Team. Haha

    K we are going to The lindon city pool on Monday! PLEASE COME, they have a super sweet pool and they have a FLOW RIDER! SWEET!
    call me!

  2. So fun! I love that we've been able to share our coach pitch experience together! The girls absolutely loved having their dad and Uncle Dusty coach them…that's what's made it so memorable!

  3. It was so long ago when Kade and Moosey played ball together. We kept his darling jersey- GO RED SOX

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