hillcrest h.s. ballroom competition

Kiana and Myla competed this weekend at Hillcrest high school.

It was a very fun afternoon, Myla and Ammon were adorable but didn’t make any call backs this time. Kiana and Tristen had a fabulous time and did really great!


Myla & Ammon-
Kiana & Tristen-
It was so fun because in the final rounds Ezra Sosa/Charity; Stephanie Sosa/her partner; and Kiana/Tristen Sosa were the final two couples for the 1st/2nd positions a few times. At one point the Master of Ceremonies commented, “It’s the brothers again!” so cute.
celebrating their success-

Sela; she loves hanging around the dance events. She was sitting on one of the speakers eating her crackers & Cheese…each time she spots Kiana or Myla on the dance floor she will say, “Dere’s sissy! Dere’s sissy!”
{a BIG thank you to Enrique for all the great pictures!} his camera/lens gets bigger and bigger at every dance event –

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