My Myla just finished her freshman year of high school tennis. She has been playing tennis since she was seven, and devoting a lot of time to her training since she was nine. But, this was her first time to be on a tennis team and she absolutely loved it. The season went by way too fast. I went with her one weekend in September when the team had a tournament in St. George, Utah. I stayed in a rented house with all twenty girls and I don’t remember ever laughing so hard. These girls are sweethearts. They are clever. Smart. Hilarious. And, they are killer tennis players. I feel so fortunate that Myla has so many good friends to go through high school with.

At the end of the season, about three weeks ago, the team had a banquet and I created a video of memories for the girls:

During the banquet, the coach gave out some very notable awards. Myla was highly recognized for her character, hard work, friendliness, team spirit – you name it, I can’t even remember everything it mentioned, but I thoroughly believe she deserved it. She worked so hard, and is so fiercely genuine. My moosey is golden. And, she finished the season in J.V. first singles.

I can’t wait till next year!

Photography by: Mindy Johnson.

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  1. Is tennis a big thing in Utah? I think my high school’s team had about 8 kids max, and that was a mix of boys & girls. It’s nice to see so many kids out for her team!

    Also, very brave of you to supervise TWENTY teenage girls! Bravo!

    • hey Natasha. yes, tennis is a big sport here – honestly, I thought it was everywhere! ha! Unless of course there’s no access to courts (like, where my husband was raised.) thank you. xo.

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