he said he’d never do it!

Dusty swore repeatedly, “I am never going to play soccer…”

Till I begged and begged him to try it…

{back: Ryan, Dusty, Brent, Troy Brett}
{front: Bjorn, Lance, Brook, Gordy, Enrique}

Stacked the team with great players {check}
Custom designed sweet jerseys {check}
New cleats, shin guards, and goalie gloves {check}
because he said, “I won’t get hurt being goalie…”
kicked butt at his first game {check}
Enjoyed every minute of it {check, check!}

Congratulations to the mighty fine DIRTY STARS!
Their FIRST game, and FIRST win!
10 – 7
This was a first-time attempt at soccer for Dusty, Troy, Brett, and Gordy.
Way to go men!
It was the highlight of my week to watch you play!

5 responses to “he said he’d never do it!”

  1. I can’t wait to see these guys play and I can’t wait to get our team going again. We could use some sweet players on our team too!

  2. Sounds fun! Curt has never really played soccer, but thought it looked fun after he came and watched our games in the fall. Are put a team together again? I would love to come play if so:)

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