have you ever wondered…

how all those little rhinestones get on dance costumes?

probably not.

but, just to fill you in,
this is how it’s done…

you use E-6000 glue,
you fill a medical syringe with the glue,
you put a tiny dot of the glue from the syringe on the fabric,
you use a little wax wand to pick up and place the stone,
then you let it dry.

one by one.

diet coke & i have a serious bond from hours spent stoning

this is a skill i picked up when i was on the ballroom team in college,
and it’s continued use has been applied so many times since entering
the world of dance mom.

kiana is a great assistant, when i take a little break,
she will sit-down and get all the stones flipped upright for me.
this entire process can take hours…

the 2010-11 dance season for kiana is just about to go from busy-normal
to off the charts-busy.

we are off to mobile, alabama, this weekend.
{we = kiana and i.}
any readers from mobile?
any recommendations on what to do in our very limited spare time?

kiana will be attending a dance workshop…
then competition season begins the next weekend.
here we go…

see you next week!

4 responses to “have you ever wondered…”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I had no idea how the rhinestones goton the dance costumes.

    Our dance season in Australia is coming to a end… the kids compete and dance at fairs all winter, things get so crazy!!! At the moment they're preparing for the end of year concert in December then we have 2 months off for summer break, woohoo!

    Good luck Kiana.

  2. Oh – My – Gosh! I now have figured out why I have been chosen to be a mom to crazy boys. There is no way I would have the patience for that! You are one dedicated dance momma. Tell Kiana good luck! I can't wait to hear how all of her competitions go.

  3. wow!
    what a process! you're such a great mother.

    i was so excited to see that you'll be in mobile! i live only an hour and 45 min. from there and there is all kinds of things to do.

    i'll get ya a list, but one thing you have to do is eat at Mellow Mushroom. it's GREAT pizza place. i love the philosoper's pie. Mmmm

    Good luck with all the dancing! I can't wait till Layla's that age!

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