have you ever seen…

baby birds that have fallen out of their nest???

so tiny.



we came home last week,
and found seven little baby birds running around
our driveway & garage,

they had no idea what to do.

we had no idea what to do.

no one touched them. because that’s the one thing,
we’ve all learned in school.


these baby birds made me think of the
few times i’ve lost a child momentarily,
and the panic that sets in immediately.
the pit in my stomach that hurt, so instantly.

i lost myla once in a public library,
turned a corner and she didn’t follow me.

literally ten seconds later,
she was missing.


we almost shut-down the entire library,
then found her one floor above us.


we lost kj once at disney world,
after dark, in the rain.

there were at least twenty of us searching.
running in circles. yelling his name.
while following his family, walking,
he stopped and walked into
an ice cream shop while we didn’t know it.

the lady kept him there, till we came
searching. completely panicked.
the amazing breathe of air that filled
my lungs when we found him.

it seemed i had stopped breathing,
while he was gone.


there are also the times in life,
i have felt lost.

look how little the baby birds are…

in comparison to sela & kj,
so tiny…

after my kids chased them wildly around the garage
for about 20 minutes,
we let them be.

we hope they found their momma.

have you ever been lost?

3 responses to “have you ever seen…”

  1. we lost our daughter hailee at S-E-A-W-O-R-L-D. not quite as big as Disneyworld, but almost…and close enough to panic….i had stepped away to go buy her a bathing suit and towel in a gift shop so she could swim, (she originally didnt want to swim) and was left in the care of her father, and he turned away for one second and she was gone. she was 3. i was a nervous wreck…i was screaming for her. it took 15 minutes, but we found her. THANK HEAVENS!!!!!

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

  2. Those little birds are so sweet! I hope they found their mama too. This is a great, thought provoking post…thank you Jane. Love Sela shoes…Lauren has those in lime green 🙂

  3. we too lost our little ezra at disney world last year. he was only 2 1/2 at the time, but lucky for us it was only for about a minute.
    longest minute of my life!

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