have a *thrilling* halloween!

this past weekend we participated in a local flash mob.

it’s been on our family bucket list to be a part of something like this for a long time and we all LOVED it!

we were a part of the mob because my kiddos are in a local kids academy called, “Linx.” it’s the most amazing kids enrichment program – they offer every type of after school activity/sport you can imagine. language classes, music, science, art, movie making, pottery, sports, dance, etc etc etc – all four of my kids are registered with them for something! and, Linx sponsored/organized the flash mob, so we signed up the very instant we got word of it!

…we’ve been practicing at home for the past two weeks. our daily kitchen dance parties turned in to full-on choreography! it was so much fun to dance next to kj, myla, and kiana.  sela was training with us, then it started to stress her out, so she opted to cheer for us from the sidelines.  our video is pretty close-up & a bit rough because the space was so limited & the crowd around us was pretty big. …you can spot me because i had to wear a fedora in honor of M.J.

funny things to notice:

kiana shakin’ her booty literally in a ladies face!
kj doesn’t shake his bum, “because it’s girly…“, so he holds his pose like a statue in some parts! hehe…

one video has been posted here, there will be more to come!

enjoy your *thrilling* holiday! we are going into the city to trick-or-treat on beacon hill!


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