happy weekend + spring break!

…our kids have the next nine days to play! wooo*hoooo! we have nine days of beautiful plans. first, the boston marathon is monday and it goes right past our house! so, we will be cheering all day long – especially for a few of our friends. one being shannon herbert child who will be staying with us {+husband} for a few days. i love playing tourist with friends in town. now that we’re so local and all. ::wink::

we have red sox tickets + i have one on one dates with my kids planned + late movie nights + bike rides + more!

before i leave you… i wanted to share a little something. one of our yoga instructors ends her classes with excerpts from her journal. she’s a beautiful writer, and while talking to us this week she asked our class —

not only, what inspires you, but why do those things/people/situations/art/whatever it is – why does it inspire you?

please share with me your thoughts.

on an entirely different note, the blogging community has had a few articles lately focusing on reading blogs/facebook/whatever social network you can fit in here/etc and comparing ourselves to individuals who seem “perfect” or have the “perfect life” or are “perfect mothers.” these articles seem to appear regularly throughout the blogging community. and, on occasion i will hear people also make comments in regards to the same topics.

why? why do people compare themselves to others?

a little something to think about over the weekend. i’ll be back monday to discuss this a bit more…  see you then.  xoxo.

{image by me.}

9 responses to “happy weekend + spring break!

  1. I lately have found inspiration in blogs and find motivation from them. I too read the same article about the pressures on mom’s trying to have a “pintrest perfect life” and I sometimes find myself getting caught up in this (it’s usually during that time of the month 😉 ) But we’re human! I do need to make sure that my escape on the blogs is at a certain time of the day so I’m not ignoring my kids.

    I think that reading positive and inspiring blogs is a great escape seeing how the media only focuses on the negative and bad that is going on in the world. We need more positive reads for our day. And thank you Jane for providing them!
    I am following along in my happiness project!

    My recent inspired read aside from your blog is here
    43 inspiring life lessons!
    Have a great spring break!

  2. I am inspired by beauty. I love looking at and creating beautiful things. I think I am inspired by these things because it helps me to look at life (and myself) more positively and helps me to see the good things that are around me.

  3. I have read some of those mommy comparison articles lately, and I agree that it’s so easy to compare ourselves to others. We just have to remember to be ourselves and appreciate what we do have to offer. I am not a creative person so I am glad that people like you who are creative are willing to share their ideas on Pinterest and blogs. I think it’s a great way to share ideas. I try not to look at it in a comparison kind of way or else it’s easy to think less of myself. My children don’t want a perfect mother. Just a loving mother. I always try to remind myself that when I get frustrated with where I think I’m not. We’re all different and have different talents and in the end the love that we put into birthday parties, our home, and holidays is what matters most!

  4. I have read those articles and feel like I agree and disagree with them. And….then I had a friend tell a mutual friend yesterday, in front of me, to not read my blog because it will make you feel bad about yourself. How do I respond to that? I feel like I need to do a “perspective” post that yes, my house is dirty, I slam doors, etc. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer on the subject. You inspire me and I’d love your insights.

  5. Hi jane, when i first started reading blogs i thought that a bit, like these people have a perfect life but since writing one myself I see that a blog is the bits you want to share with the world so of course its gona look perfect, other blogs inspire me now, i never compare.

    Happiness is my inspiration, when im happy im creative and productive and the in turn makes me happy – the perfect vicious circle! I do a happy list each month to remind myself of the little things, i call it the happiness revolution and its taking off! 13 people joined in last month 🙂 have a look http://ajourneytoadream.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/vive-le-revolution.html

    astra x

  6. I think it is human nature, especially for us woman to compare ourselves to others. Social Media, tv etc play a huge roll in this as well I think. We see all this perceived “perfection” and think we have to be that way or we do not measure up.
    I try to remind myself everyone has their short comings & areas that they feel they do not measure up in. However we all have our strengths as well. It is just a matter of reminding ourselves that, which can be the hardest part 🙂

  7. What inspires me? The love of my Savior, Jesus Christ. He lived so that I might live. He loved so that I might understand what love is. I feel that everything I do has been inspired by my love and understanding of who HE is.

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