happy weekend!

it’s officially spring break for my kids at 4pm. today.

husband is traveling, so the kiddos and i are making big plans for the next ten days. i’m thinking about putting them in the car & road-trippin’ somewhwere, but i can’t pick a good, 3-4 day destination! any ideas?!? not vegas. not l.a., washington is a bit too far to drive in that time… we’re going to zions in may. !!! where should we go???

this morning, i am starting spring break early by heading over to the bijou market with girlfriends! we gotta get there while the pickin’s good!

it’s today, and tomorrow. you don’t want to miss it!

remember pink peach cakes? she will be there, with samples! {she also featured kiana’s teen-y party here.}

in other news, i am ecstatic to announce that i, my 3 girls, and my mom were chosen for justin hackworth’s 30 strangers project. there were over 400 applicants this year… and we were chosen!!!

i have been in awe of this project for the past few years, and this past week we had our photo shoot! justin is incredible to work with. so kind, and personable. this next week i get to see all the pictures from our shoot, and will hopefully have more to share. until then, here is one pic he posted on facebook…

and, this past month in march, i had 10 hours+ of one on one illustrator training with alma, from ollibird. she is an illustrator genius. i have so much to share, but my brain is still chewing up its food right now. the world of graphic design is amazing…AMAZING!

an entirely new blog design is on the horizon for me, and i can not wait to share it with all of you… soon. hopefully within the next month!

for this weekend, i am walking away from the www., i want to spend time with my kiddos, watch movies, and do some cooking, maybe some gardening. we love digging our hands in some fresh dirt! i’m starting to plan my little mister’s 8th birthday party for the end of this month! fun plans are to be enjoyed, starting now!

what are you doing this weekend???

8 responses to “happy weekend!

  1. Wow, those pics are beautiful, and thats a such a cool thing that Justin's doing.Thats awesome that it's for a cause. Have a fun spring break! We just finished ours, we were in Miami, super fun!

  2. Love your pictures! Ella and I were part of his 30 strangers project two years ago, he is amazing!! Happy Spring Break!

  3. ..Mesquite is not too far, super warm, and has "just enough" if you're just looking for a place to chill!

  4. our plans got cancelled… so take our spot on Eastern Med Cruise…Bari,Greece and Croatia…I have Spring Break envy!!! In 95 we did Spring Break in DC.. there was a Gov. shut down… good luck.. I hope they resolve it by then… because everything was CLOSED.
    Good thing….it is spring break and I can catch up on your blog…!

  5. I think you should DEFIINITELY make it I5 and then to 101 all the way to Lake Quinault. Just lazy around and make it to do some clam diggin over at Ocean Shores. Finally, see Brock in Seattle and come home. It's not too far…

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