happy weekend!

my husband has been at the big dance all week. this is one of the largest conventions all year for his company. and, the poor guy – right after he arrived in texas, he had to take himself to a hospital because he was so sick. we thought maybe he had strep throat, but come to find out, he had an ear infection in each ear & his left ear drum had burst! {not good to be flying in such a condition!}

i don’t know about other husbands, but mine does not fair well in pain. {wink, wink} and i’ve been very worried about him all week.

good news: lately, i have listened and watched husband following his beloved red sox. i hear the sounds of pre-season baseball, i smile knowing it’s coming…that season shift.

where we sit at ball parks, and the sun warms our skin.

…this weekend {drum roll, please!} i am meeting up with him in dallas to kick off the mlb season with two red sox games! woooo-hoooooo! {did i mention the weather forecast in dallas is high 80’s/low 90’s???}

i have a pretty good feeling, his ears will be feeling better by then!

my husbands love of all-teams-boston {red sox. celtics. patriots.} was passed on to me with my wedding ring… and, we have great memories from attending and/or watching games the past fifteen years.

what will you be doing this weekend???

watching or attending any mlb games?


5 responses to “happy weekend!”

  1. Let's find a game where the Dodgers play the Sox and take the husbands!! Sound like fun??!!

  2. Hi Jane! I came across your blog randomly (who even knows how I got here), I love it though!! And We too love the Red Sox!! Ok, so what I'm wondering is where you got your couch that sits by the fabulous chandelier you made??? You can email me if you want or just leave a comment and I'll check back. My email is pace0868@hotmail.com. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the web!! 🙂

  3. Oh I love it! I seriously remember each of these pictures from the last several years. What fun memories!
    And poor Dusty! That sounds awful. I had to watch Brook give birth to a stone. Men just don't suffer gracefully do they 😉

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