happy to announce…

my blog is available for public-viewing again!

and, that is all my news for tonight.

sweet dreams!


33 responses to “happy to announce…”

  1. yay!!! I’ve checked your blog every once in a while just to see if you had put it back to public. So excited to see this!

  2. NO WAY I’m so excited you’re public again!! I just happened to check the URL in hopes that maybe you would be (I did it a few times in the past few months *wink*). I’m thrilled; I really missed hearing about all of your wonderful ideas.

    Cannot wait to see what you’ll be posting in the future!

  3. So happy your cutest blog is not private anymore! I love seeing all of your great ideas, creativity and your fun adventures with your family!

  4. I just happened to see one of your pics on pinterest and thought I would check to see if you had gone back to public…just made my day! Love your blog!

  5. Great Christmas Surprise!! Every now and then, I click on your link, just to see if maybe, just maybe you have decided to go public again. {enter sad face here} This morning after all the presents had been unwrapped and hubby was making us breakfast, I decided to try again … I gasped, my husband looks at me and I say, “She’s back! Jane is back!” {Yep, he even knows who you are} I have seriously missed your inspiration, ideas and adorable family! So glad you have let us in for a glimpse into your lives again! I am so ready for your inspiration and ideas! I missed your blog!

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