happy st. patrick’s day…

may your day be filled with lots of good luck!

{a little leprechaun delivered some green goodies for our family}

we will have green spelt crepes & green milk with breakfast…

i am taking krispy kreme green donuts to three of my kids’ classes today.

with mini green Gatorade’s.

and we will have a green-themed dinner.

what are your plans?

5 responses to “happy st. patrick’s day…

  1. My plans are:

    1) Go get a green donut at your kids school.
    2) Eat dinner at your place. What time is dinner? 😉

  2. My tradition is usually a fun lunch. I do tuna melts over a green shamrock shaped bread from Macy's. Shamrock shakes (1 scoop of pistachio ice cream in a cup of sprite tinted green), and pistachio chocolate cupcakes to finish. And then we do a treasure hunt to find the leprachaun's gold coins around the house. I didn't actually do any of that this year, natch! This year we did Krispy Kreme shamrock donuts and shamrock shakes for after school snack. For dinner I made chicken and ricotta ravioli with Pesto and steamed broccoli for dinner. Kinda weak I know, but still green 🙂

  3. LOVE the green shoes! We were in Oahu so I didn't get to make my green breakfast. Oh well – next year.

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