happy october

When the kids came home yesterday, they had
“happy october”
baskets waiting for them…

{so much for not throwing balls in the house…}

Then we put up the Halloween decorations today…I loved how excited KJ was…
as we were decorating the “Halloween” tree,
he was so chatty…

“Mom, Halloween is the last day of October.”
“Mom, I just love Halloween.”
“Mom, I love you, too.”
“Mom, I’m going to use this decoration to scare Sela…”
“Mom, that is too scary…lets turn it off.”

It is so funny, this little 5 year old boy can play Halo
and talk trash with the best of them…
yet, he’s genuinely scared of the funniest little things…
like a Halloween candy bowl with a moving hand on the inside!

totally using Shannon’s ideas, from here
thanks Shan!
Thank you not only for the adorable “Halloween” baskets idea,
but thank you for the uber cute conference weekend/treat bags for each of the kids that you dropped by our house today – you are truly a gem!

7 responses to “happy october

  1. Those baskets are such a great idea, it looks like your kids loved them too. I love decorating for Halloween(I just wish I had cute decorations like yours!)

  2. What a cute idea! Your kids look so happy . . . I can feel their excitement. I would love to know where you found those ruffled umbrellas. We just received pretty ruffle skirts at just be you might like. I can email you photos. Jeni @ justbe4ever@msn.com

  3. Hi Jane in real life… love the Halloween idea. My kids get mad at me for not putting up enough Halloween Decs, you’ve inspired me to get on it!

  4. Isn’t that so fun to give it all in one day! We were going to buy all of it anyway right? ha ha

    Plus i truly LOVE Halloween stuff!!

    Super cute decorations!!
    Oh i am so glad the kids liked the Conference Bingo!

  5. p.s. When you have a free minute, i would Seriously LOVE to learn how to make those Adorable hair clips that you were making with the Activity day girls.
    They are Adorable!!

  6. I love all your decorations! I can’t wait to party at your house. I got my kids baskets from lillian vernon. The coolest thing about them is that they light up. I figured several years back that every year I buy them jammies, costumes, cereal, treats, sometime blankets, new treat bags and I decided that it would be more fun to give it to them all at once on the 1st day of October when I decorate the porch and their room. Good tradition to keep going since you spend the money anyway.

  7. I could swear that I left a comment on here a few days ago… must have typed the word verification wrong.
    Anyway, I love the Halloween decorations and baskets! How excited were the kids to come home to their haunted house? Fun, fun, fun!

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