Happy Friday, to me!

This is the Canon Rebel xti –
This is the new camera I decided on…after asking advice from Becky, and others who’s pictures I admire…I bought it!

I have emailed Nicole to take her Photo 101 class this Fall, but until then I have coupons to go to free classes at Inkley’s to get started – here, I go – I’m jumping in!

7 responses to “Happy Friday, to me!”

  1. You’ll love it! That’s the camera I got but still haven’t had the chance to take classes. I need to fly Becky out here and teach me!!! Can’t wait to see your pictures.

  2. I love the Rebel!! I want to do that same class with you. Nicole knows her stuff! I need to call and sign up!

  3. I SO wish I could take this class with you. I love the Sussy blog (thanks to you for introducing it to me via your links) and would definitely take her class if I lived there. I bought a Nikon D-50 years ago and still only use the automatic setting – totally freaked out by those manual buttons!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your homework assignments.

  4. We have the same camera–bought it this time last year right after Gabby was born and love it! I want to take a class too! Does she do actual classes? I would love to learn! And, I’m totally in for a girls night group too! Bjorn is begging me to get out of the house :)–i’ve never played bunko but I’m in for anything.

  5. You will totally love your new camera! I’m finally starting to understand some of the settings on mine and I love it. Amazing what a good camera can do for your pictures. Keep posting your pics!

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