happy friday!

if you read my post below, then you will realize {along with me} how appropriate that in the happiness project, Novembers chapter is titled, keep a contented heart {regardless of how messy your life feels!}. after spending most of the year focusing on actions, now focus on attitude. gretchen’s focus:

* laugh out loud – did you know a small child typically laughs more than four hundred times a day, and an adult – seventeen times. do you hit seventeen?

* use good manners.

* give positive reviews – giving positive reviews requires humility.

* find an area of refuge.

what will your focus be?

have a lovely weekend – and check the BonLook post below for a winner! xo.

{happy friday is a monthly series on seejaneblog, you can click here to find more posts.}

One response to “happy friday!”

  1. Bless you for always giving.me a friendly reminder of such things. These are things one would think would be so obvious and easy to remember. Sadly, they get swept under the rug in a sea of “busy.” My husband is a glass is half full kind of guy. He is a firm believer in the effects of attitude (especially when I’m flexing a bad one). The results of making a conscious decision to be happy or to be positive are seriously amazing. Today I’m going to work on “seeing” things in a different light, being happy with the things I do have instead of things that I don’t, and maybe even get 18 (I’m aiming high) laughs in. Thank you for the nudge in the right direction.

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