happy friday!

a belated happy friday post for september and october!

this past january, when i started the happy friday post series, i had already read the happiness project. since January, for ten months now – when it is time to write this post – i quickly review the chapter for that month, and then begin writing the post to share my thoughts with you. what i like best about this process is that i am always reminded and/or re-inspired by what gretchen has to say – and instantly i am re-committed to many of my goals.

i think this is an important life lesson. we, ourselves, are responsible for keeping our minds focused on what we want to achieve. no one else can do this for us.

{our family in stitches, hand-made by the talented nicole via elsabags. the Boston Red Sox baseball hats, jewelry, bows — tiny details make me so happy!}

September: pursue a passion. Gretchen states, …some people feel overwhelmed by the question, “What’s your passion?” It seems so large and unanswerable that they feel paralyzed. If so, a useful clue to finding a passion to pursue, whether for work or play, is to “Do what you do.” What you enjoyed doing as a ten-year-old, or choose to do on a free Saturday afternoon, is a strong indication of your passion.

Whatever your passion might be, happiness research predicts that making time for a passion and treating it as a real priority instead of an “extra” to be fitted in at a free moment (which many people never practically have) will bring a tremendous happiness boost.

…You might experiment with new recipes, go camping in your fifteenth state park, plan a sixtieth birthday party, or watch your favorite team progress to the Super Bowl. I like to create.

I find that it’s not that difficult to fit time into every single day of my life for creating if i simply make it happen. i involve those around me, and i do it alone — whatever needs to be done, if i find a portion of my day that i can take pictures, write, work on an art or craft project, decorate my home, put together a unique outfit, style my hair differently — whatever the “creating” may involve, when i choose to make this a lifestyle to include my passion, i am one blissful creature.

* forget about results.
* master a new technology.

for september, my goal was to apply as a transfer student to my college of choice here in Boston. i set a deadline: October 31st. i don’t typically like sharing stuff like this on here because if i fail it’s extra-guilt, but regardless of if i get accepted, i must get the application submitted within the next three weeks from yesterday. we might not even be living here next fall, but if we are – not one more year will pass that i delay this goal. i am going to forget about results, and make time for this. will you join me, what will you do?

october: pay attention. mindfulness.

* meditate on koans. {do you know what koans are?}
* examine true rules.
* stimulate the mind in new ways.
* keep a food diary.

to follow the themes listed here, i am going to stimulate my mind in new ways & keep a food diary. i’ll share more details on this later.

also, what are your true rules? i’m gathering a list of mine, and would be interested in knowing yours…

cheers to happiness my friends, xo.

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