happy birthday, husband!

dusty and i were engaged to be married,
and during that time dusty rhodes turned twenty-five.
the first birthday gift i ever chose for him
was a pair of roller blades.
this boy was raised out where there was not a lot of pavement.
mostly gravel, and ranchland.
he did not grow up riding bikes, or roller blades.
so, we started roller blading together.
you should have seen him going across the suu campus
on those roller blades…
you can imagine, leaning waayyy forward,
knock-knee’d, it was sooo funny!
that was only one of our

first adventures together

we also had our first kiss at hoover dam,
our first bungy jump together in new zealand,
our first home, our first baby,
the list could go on forever…and ever…and ever…

just like my love.

happy birthday babe!

i can’t wait to spend the entire day/weekend with you,
no one else in the world i’d rather be with.



dusty’s birthday last year.
dusty’s birthday
two years ago.

{check them out!}

5 responses to “happy birthday, husband!”

  1. Happy Birthday Dirty!! Lets all go rollerblading sometime. haha
    I can totally imagine him rollerblading around suu campus!

    Have a WONDERFUL fun filled weekend! You deserve it!

  2. happy birthday dusty!

    thanks for all you and your family does for us. i'm so glad that i've gotten to know you guys better and love you guys!

  3. Dusty, Happy Birthday man! This is Ryan using my wife's blog thing… love the blades you got back in the old skool! Those Eclipse GT Blades are sweet….. LUCKY!!!!

  4. oh my gosh, toooooo funny because I TOTALLY REMEMBER running into you and Dusty roller blading one night at SUU and we were all like-wow, Dusty Rhodes seriously sucks at roller blading ; )

  5. Happy Birthday, Dusty! Geoff and I used to roller blade together back in the day, too. Have a great weekend. Can't wait to see where you go!

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