happy 100th day of school

KJ’s kindergarten class had a homework assignment:

Use 100 items of their choice
{cereal, pretzels, pennies, etc.,}
to make a “100” on a poster
to celebrate the 100th day of school.

KJ chose LEGOS,
he is a LEGOS-kind-of-guy.

As he walked out the door for school today,
maybe he was proud of his work-happy 100th day of school!

4 responses to “happy 100th day of school”

  1. Brilliant. No wonder my husband is getting the “crazy eye” look, He is a school teacher and he is feeling the effects of 100 days.

  2. oh he is such a cutie!! Shoot we should have done something so fun today with our kids Classes!! I totally forgot Next year for sure!

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