halloween flashback

{dusty & kj halloween ’08}
last year, many of you will remember, i designed a transforming bumblebee costume for kj for halloween. it was definitely one of my better-momma/design-accomplishments. he even won $500 from the 97.1 kzht “jack-o-cutie’s” halloween kid costume contest! it was awesome.

i assumed this year, we would continue the tradition and any day now i would start designing a newer-even-more awesome transforming-transformer costume.

but, come to find out…

he doesn’t want to!

i’m kind of bummed.

he wants to be “snake eyes,” from g.i.joe since seeing the movie with big papi.

and – for the rest of us…i’m plum out of good ideas for halloween this year. and we LOVE halloween at our house.

does anyone have creative ideas to share?

just for memories sake, i’m sharing the videos below {again.}

4 responses to “halloween flashback”

  1. oh KJ! it's hard when they make up their mind about stuff. stinkers…

    I am a HUGE halloween lover too, and my mind has been just a going… We have been really into "the cat in the hat" with the twins, and they kind of want to be "thing 1" & "thing 2" but we aren't quite sure if we want to be the Cat in the hat! haha
    So we are on the same page…

    I LOVED KJ's costume last year!

  2. I absolutely adored his costume from last year. Way cool and awesome job! We love Halloween also in our house and we try to come up with cool costumes for the boys. Last year our boys were He-man and Skeletor. We made their costumes from hand and I must say they were awesome! Everyone that grew up with He-man knew exactly who they were. This year I think we are going to do Gumby and Pokey. I need to start making those soon. Good luck! 🙂

  3. One year I sewed this super cool fireman's jacket that had official badges on it (donated by a firefighter friend:) My boys have all loved taking their turn with it. When I was younger my brother won a contest for being a shower! My Mom rigged this thing around his waist and up over his head that was circular. She hung a shower curtain from it. He thought it was funny to open the curtain just in time to say "trick or treat." I always love to do classic super heroes or nursery rhyme characters. But make them yourself, and go crazy on the details!

  4. Can that Transformers costume be topped?! It was sooo good!
    Brody wants to be Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe. Too bad we aren't close…they would love being together in their enemy costumes!

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