It all started with the kids going to school in their costumes…

I went to help with each {3} of the parties around 1pm. Sela went along and party-hopped the entire afternoon. If I ever couldn’t find her, she had simply found another sibling and joined them in their classroom.

First, I stopped into Kiana’s class. Kiana was a witch this year. Actually, Kiana, Myla, and I were all witches and Sela was our little black cat. Our family was divided by the sexes. The girls were witches/black cat and the boys were Transformers.

Kiana’s class required the least amount of hands-on help, big kids are so cool and all, they’re really not into activities as much. She requested our family-favorite sugar cookies from Classy Cuisine. The kids frosted them themselves and had Jones sodas. They also won a few prizes for best costume, etc. The Jr. high students at her school ran a halloween carnival for each class to visit.

Second, I stopped by KJ’s classroom,
he had a costume which involed two parts this year.
The first part, was the normal-Bumblebee tranformer costume.
You can buy anywhere.
The second part, was the transforming part that Danny, Dusty, and I put no less than 15 hours into building the past week. It required an assitant to insert KJ into it, then also a little assistance in moving in it. Then I {a.k.a. Momma} was also his “pit crew” if you will, for damage-repairs…I stood by with glue-gun to fix loose wheels.

I read, “The Witch who was Afraid of Witches” to KJ’s class and then KJ sat on my lap and helped me turn the pages for “Big Pumpkin” while I listened to the class recite it along with the CD. There adorable teacher Mrs. Harken had lots of other fun stuff for them to do. She is incredible. KJ calls her “Mrs. Sweetie or Mrs. Sweetheart, he really loves her.

The third stop was Myla’s class. Jenn, Shannon, Shannon, and Roxy had lots of fun stuff going on for their party! oh my gosh, it was awesome.

Myla’s class-
Sela hanging out in Myla’s chair-
I wrapped up the party by reading the same book I had read to KJ’s class while the other Moms tried to get the room cleaned up.

Next activity, TRUNK OR TREAT!
our family
the girls
the boys
grandma Pat and Sela
Optimus Prime
KJ, Sela, me
Kiana with two of her good friends-
Daphne, Sela, and me
Jen and me with Sela and Crew

Tegan and KJ, I mean Batman and Bumblebee!

Then, our annual neighborhood RHODES Halloween dinner-
every year I love to host dinner on Halloween which includes yummy chicken noodle soup in pumpkin bread bowls.
With lots of other yummy stuff too!
Thank you to Susan for bringing her yummy chili this year!
And thank you to Caryn for all the really delicious cookies!

{there was a definite trend to be a witch this year!}
It has become a tradition to take a picture of all the kids on our staircase
before they head out to trick-or-treat.
The only problem is, the kids are getting bigger and there’s MORE
and our staircase can barely fit them all!
This year we gave out trophies for the best costumes.
One for the adults and one for the kids.
The kids chose Joe {Michael Jackson- THRILLER} as the best costume
and the adults chose KJ {Transformer BUBMBLBEE} as the best costume!
KJ was so excited. He left to go trick-or-treating with his trophy in hand.
I told him, “Hey KJ, let me take your trophy in the house, it will be safe.”
he said, “OK. Mom, they were all yelling, “KJ! KJ! KJ!” when they chose the best costume. it was so cool.”
Last but NOT least- TRICK OR TREATING, neighborhood style!
Everyone piled into the back of Troy & Cory’s trucks.

Dusty & Sela
We have one home near our neighborhood with a family that just goes CRAZY for Halloween. They build a haunted house, major lights and decorations. There is a guy with a chainsaw that chases the kids all over the street.
That was our first stop.
All of the kids were freaking out.
Some on the boarder of tears.
It was crazy. But, a great way to start off trick-or-treating!

Wow, now that it’s over…what a perfect Halloween. I love every tradition we have. I love {truly} every friend and family member we share the holiday with. And, although our day was packed, I am very impressed with the time I’m getting to bed tonight. Especially considering I’ve already blogged! We will all sleep well tonight.

Happy Halloween!

12 responses to “Halloween”

  1. Looks like you had a great day! i couldnt help but notice that the girls had the same witch shoes as the ones i bought for avrie. they are way cute. even a witch has got to have her shoes!

  2. You guys are nuts! NUTS:) I can’t even believe KJ’s costume. I think he and Dusty should be Power Rangers next year because they have got the pose DOWN! And you certainly can’t beat a bunch of hot witches. Nicely done:)

  3. Jane, I gotta tell you…you’re pretty amazing! I’ve been blog surfing this morning and it has occurred to me that you are the “glue” among your friends. You have a real knack for bringing people together. I feel inspired:) Also, I just emailed you some blog banners. Maybe one of them will work for you…

  4. I loved Halloween! KJs costume was seriously my favorite of all time! So cool and original! Thanks for the fun party and yummy soup!

  5. Janie ! Sure do love you and thanks for the party…sorry it’s taken us so many years to finally get to it ! You need to live closer…ok we need to live closer ! 🙂 Anyway thanks also for correcting my spelling i went back and edited !! HE he !! loves to you and you really are AMAZING !

  6. I loved it! WE have such a fun group. KJ’s Costume was the Bomb! Seriously the Best. Hayes and Olivia keep wanting to watch the “You tube” Videos!

    Thanks for the Fun Party and yummy Food. Your a wonderful Host!

  7. Soooo fun! KJ’s costume is amazing. I love that you have the whole neighborhood over, you are so generous and fun!

  8. First of all: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes! They were the first thing I noticed in the first pic. And then how do you seriously have time for all of this amazingness? I love witches and you ladies did a wonderful job. I think it’s so awesome how involved in your kids school you are! And I just can’t believe what a party animal you are! It must be like a full time job.

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