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it’s no new news that i love having guests in our home. and i enjoy doing my best to make sure they feel welcome. so, it just broke my heart when we had company (two sets of guests!) arriving just prior to my three days in isolation this weekend and i didn’t get to spend very much time with them before i had to stay behind closed doors. terrible, terrible timing to be isolated. the second set of guests had to end up staying in a hotel, boo. epic scheduling fail.

while i was preparing for our visitors i really wanted them to know i was excited for their arrival, i wanted them to feel at home, and do something a lil extra special since i couldn’t spend much time with them.

our guests used to be our very next door neighbors in utah and are a family i simply adore, so i wanted everyone to feel extra loved. i assembled three separate boxes: one for the adults, one for their teenage girl, and one for the teenage boy who would be on our sofa.

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when i was looking for the perfect container for this project, i found these bento boxes at target. they come with pop-out dividers which hold the water bottles in place so nicely.

in each box i included:

  • water bottles
  • magazines
  • some of our favorite treats
  • a small pack of kleenex tissues
  • healthy snack bars
  • tic tacs

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welcome boxes via seejaneblog

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welcome, hello friend water bottle printable via seejaneblog

teenage girl and teenage boy guest boxes via seejaneblog

teenage girl guest box

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teenage boy guest box via seejaneblog

ingredients for a teenage boy guest box via seejaneblog

boy guest box via seejaneblog

to make the water bottle tags:

  1. download and print the water bottle tags HERE. i recommend using white cardstock.
  2. cut-out each tag
  3. punch a circle in the top for the water bottle – i used an 1.5″ magnetic martha stewart circle punch. to line the circle up perfectly with the template, i raised circle punch with sunlight in the background to make sure it was lined up perfectly.
  4. slightly fold the template under “welcome”

water bottle tags for guests via seejaneblog

welcome water bottle tags for guests via seejaneblog

we seem to have more guests in the summer, when friends and family are taking time to travel. if this is the same for you, this is a great time to stock-up on lil extra necessities, your favorite treats, and keep a lil guest box stocked!

no matter where our wanderlust takes us, having our home filled with people i love will always be my favorite.

happy hosting! xo.

{photos and styling by me, Jane Rhodes. water bottle tags designed by the talented lovely lindsay for seejaneblog.}

7 responses to “guest boxes :: water bottle tags printable”

  1. Such a fun little idea. I love these types of things at hotels but this is such a great touch in a home.

  2. Jane,
    I have followed your blog now for years! Just wanted to tell you, you are my go to girl for creative-giving:) I needed a small “something” to thank my friends for helping at my daughters wedding, I will change this up a bit, but this is such a darling idea! You are seriously the best!

  3. Seriously one of the kindest, most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for us! We were disappointed not to be able to spend more time with you but pray that the treatment will be well worth the sacrifice. We very much appreciated the hospitality the entire family showed to us and can’t want to see you guys next month!

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