greg’s restaurant…

is one of the best secrets of utah county.

a hidden, fine-dining restaurant on the campus of uvu.
for $20/person + drinks,
it’s the best six course meal you will find!

i’ve now dined at greg’s on cuban night, italian, and french.
all three were excellent.

this next weekend, we have reservations to take the kids on american night-
seems the best kid-friendly menu & a great culinary arts institute experience

for my little ones to absorb.

i consider greg’s to be a great meal, mixed with an atmosphere that is almost like a reality TV show. you get to watch the kitchen and see the students in training, while dining…

it’s pretty cool.

wanna know more?
click here for the restaurant info.
and click here for information about reservations & to view the menus…

on friday evening, i enjoyed an evening at greg’s with girlfriends who are like family.

a much needed girls night out.

we were actually asked to leave the restaurant,
because we over-stayed our welcome.

thanks girls.


p.s. greg’s restaurant only takes cash.
a little detail, i sometimes forget.

6 responses to “greg’s restaurant…

  1. That was such a fun night! Thanks again for all the planning.
    Let me know how American night goes…that one sounds good:)

  2. Oh always good to find new restaurants, we will have to try it for sure!
    Can't wait to see you at all the competitions this year!

  3. yum, it is always a good pick! I didn't even know that it was french night? Thanks for planning it, it's always so fun to get together!

    {i'm on ALLI} haha

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