we drove into the city, found a great spot to park on west street. walked around enjoying the sunshine. had hot dogs and sodas at the boston common. we rode the T out to south boston for the annual st patty’s day parade – lots of green traveling on the subway!

we waited two hours for the parade, but made it to the front for a great view! the parade was fun, simple, festive – lots of bagpipes, armed forces, star wars, and saint patrick!  we left early. we are not really parade people… i recommend going to it once in your life, if you are in or near boston on st patrick’s day.  {kj wants to go back next year!}

we are totally eating-out people, and max ‘n dylan’s is the place for sliders. even dessert sliders!

did you do anything festive?

{all photos by me.}

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