great success!


thank you to everyone who helped make our yard sale a
great success!

If you helped spread the word to advertise, if you came & shopped, brought along a friend or someone with you, if you helped us set-up or take-down. In which ever way you were involved…

thank you. thank you. thank you.

we advertised 7-9 am, and we kept a crowd of people till 1pm! and by a “crowd of people,” i mean a CROWD!

these beautiful girls were my cashiers – and they were such incredible helpers, really couldn’t have done it without them! i never once heard a complaint. and they worked 6am-3pm. especially my bear. she has put in some major time lately with taking care of her little sis, cleaning, and helping me wrap up all the final items to get ready for the yard sale. she’s not only my right hand girl, she’s more like my entire right arm.

these three ladies represent a few of my loyal yard sale shoppers. especially terri. she rocks. thanks gals for rising so early to stop by! {love you}
caryn & tara {pregnant momma’s} used the cart to pull their loot home!{right} cassie’s ma-in-law stocked up! she is all set to be the world’s best grandma! thanks cass for telling her to come! {we miss you}

the original motivation for this yard sale was myla. a couple years ago when we had a yard sale, Kiana was the main cashier. Myla felt pretty left out and all winter has been declaring to her family that it was high time we had another yard sale. this time, it was her turn to be the main cashier.

well, with the early morning {6am wake up call} and the chilly June morning. {notice the coats/jackets} she lasted about 30 minutes. then she was off riding her skateboard and visiting a neighbor. {hehe} love that girl.some advice to anyone planning a yard sale…

advertise on KSL and craigslist {for free!} and since the economy has dipped, so have classified ad prices in the paper. the deseret news ad was only $20!

my yard sale signs that i just think are great because they are very unique and stand-out. i have used them twice now with great success, click here.

side note: because we did better than expected, there might be a round 2 and 3 this summer. In the next few weeks some of our items that haven’t sold {plus more} will be at Center Stage Performing Arts Studio when they/kiana have a yard sale/car wash as a fundraiser for nationals in los angeles this summer. I will keep you “posted” as to when that is!

happy thrift-shopping! 😉

9 responses to “great success!”

  1. too bad I miss your yard sale, any left?? Looking for anything to decorate my house.

  2. Yah! I was hoping you would post about the yard sale, I was excited to see how it went! I would have loved to have gone, but I had my Summer Reading Kick-off that morning. Hey hot momma, I have a question. Protein shakes? Do you drink them/like them/recommend them? If so, what kind?

  3. I do a yard sale every year and they are always a huge success. just love yard sales. Wish i could have went to yours but my girls had a piano recital.
    Just a note- bake sales are awesome too my girls do one at ours and each leave with over $50- fun play money.

  4. oh no! Did i miss the yard sale of the year!! Ugh…. O well maybe next time.
    Looks like a Great Turnout!

    Thank goodness for KSL, i love that sight.

  5. I'm glad it was so successful! It sounded great!

    I don't know how you do it, but you even make a yard sale seem like a party! Well done!

  6. Serves me right for not checking your blog regularly! I will certainly check it more often so that I don't miss the Center Stage one.

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