great lines…

KJ: “Bye Troy & Man!” {comments to Dusty – “I don’t know that other guys name.”}

Kiana: {in reference to her next orthodontist appt. when she got her braces off} “Is the first Tuesday in April a Monday?”

{Mom: “huh?”}
{Kiana: giggles…”At least, I used the word DAY and that was right”}

Starlee: “My hair is going to get dry from washing it/blowing it out so much…”
{Jane: Yeah, that’s a bad problem to have SO MANY dates…)

KJ: “Myla! Don’t be mean to me…remember I’m your liddle brother!”

One response to “great lines…”

  1. How sad is it that I have never met your kids?!? Their comments are hilarious. Can’t wait to hear some of their one liners in person someday!

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