graysmarsh farm

from seattle we took a ferry and headed up to Sequim where my sister lives.

our kiddos were fascinated by the ferry’s that you actually drive your car on, park, and cruise across the water.

our first morning in sequim {pronounced s-q-w-i-mmm} we headed out to graysmarsh farm to pick berries. picking berries was a big part of my childhood in the pacific northwest. however, we didn’t ever go to farms to pick berries. my dad would find good patches of wild blackberries, then i’d spend my weekend picking till my hands were stained purple. We would keep some for ourselves, and the extra berries i would sell to the local berry shed for about 25 cents a pound. it was child labor at it’s best. and i think i made a whopping ten dollars a summer.

we relished these fresh berries. i can’t even describe how fresh, sun-warmed, and delicious they are.

we picked logan berries, raspberries, black berries, and blue berries. the only problem: we were not supposed to pick and eat. so, we just paid extra at checkout. our bellies were stuffed with berries – totally irresistible.

aunt sue with our kiddos. {look at the lavender field in the background!}

and! the fruit of our labors:

it was so fun to pick the berries, and have my kiddos help to bake a fresh berry pie. pie was also a big part of my childhood – i have so many memories of my mom making pies, specifically rheubard pie {which was NOT my favorite.} perhaps i am bias, but i also believe the northwest to be the home of america’s best pies. almost every restaurant serves fresh pie, probably due to the incredible, local fresh fruit. i tend to only make pies at Thanksgiving time, you?

we enjoyed our warm berry pie a’la mode over a long game of Risk…

{husbands favorite board game.}

this turned out to be one of my favorite vacation days, ever.
have you been to sequim? while there i found out one of my seejaneblog readers lives in my sisters neighborhood! how cool is that? {hello nancy!} small world.

{photos by me.}

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