goooood morning, monday!

my computer is back,
and it’s like brand-new!

{huge kudos to jared, our I.T. man!!!}

this week feels like the start to a crazy few months. or year.
so much is going on around here!
so much. i am one big case of walking anxiety.

i keep telling myself,

everything is fine!

i tend to pre-worry, pre-stress, and have pre-anxiety.
{do any of you, pre-freak-out???}

i am reminding myself, by the minute, i will be prepared for it all.
no matter where we all are, no matter what happens,
no matter how much my husband will be traveling with business…

{he is in asia, again, as i type…}

it’ll all be fine. i can do this. we can do this.

ahhhh, just sharing this with you,
i feel better.
thanks for listening.


on another note,

sela started preschool, and loved it…
but i didn’t love it so much…

so, we switched preschools.
silly, but the smallest of things were buggin’.

however, the first few days at her preschool
{the first one}

they were starting with their unit on color, to add fun,
the kids were asked to wear a certain color each day.
i think this is a really cute idea, for preschool kids.

sela made it for two of the days…
{of course, we went all out!}

painted her finger nails, toe nails, added accessories…

i just love dollin’ up my girls!

happy monday!!!

we are attending the annual school carnival tonight…

always a fun day!

6 responses to “goooood morning, monday!

  1. Ew I just hate the anxiety thing, wish there was a healthy solution for us "anxious" mother's… blog about that when you figure it out, K… 😉

    You will have to tell me where you ended up putting Sela and how she is liking it… love her outfits.

  2. I am suffering from the same thing. I just keep looking at the schedule for the next three months, and finding myself short of breath. I am sure everything will fall into place, it always does.
    I was sad we didn't make it back to the carnival last night. It just got crazy after we went out to dinner. I hope it turned out great. Let me know what fun things you got:)

    I am glad you are at kids village, I sure love it there!

  3. oh Sela! i want her clothes! haha

    i know she will love Kids village better, especially because she's been there before and your children need a "creative escape", that school is just soooo stinkin cute!

    p.s. if i lived by you, i would come and play while dusty is gone, and have sleepovers! haha

  4. Talk about pre-freak-out, Jason is leaving me for five days next week with four children (one of them takes up half my day glued to my chest). I'm a pre-freak-out mess.

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